New LED lamps from EarthTronics can cope with wet, dusty conditions

MUSKEGON–The Muskegon-based LED lighting manufacturer EarthTronics has introduced a new line of wet-location-rated “Vapor Tight” LEDs with an integral microwave sensor. The LEDs are intended for applications in parking garages, cold storage units, wlakways, stairwells, canopies, and other wet, dusty, or dirty environments.

The 48-inch long LEDs with integral microwave sensor are available in 30 and 40 watts, producing 4,200 and 5,600 lumens respectively, with a 150-degree beam angle. Both units feature a 5,000 degrees Kelvin near-daylight color temperature with a color rendering index greater than 80. They have a zero-to-10-volt dimming standard and will perform in temperatures ranging from -20 degrees to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

The integral microwave sensor allows for setting an area of detection, stand-by time, hold time, and dimming. The added ability of daylight sensing and dimming enables this product to meet certain local energy codes, as well as save up to 60 percent energy and extend the performance life of the fixture.

The Vapor Tight LEDs feature a fully gasketed polycarbonate housing, which provides the IP66 wet location rating for wash down and dusty conditions. The enclosure is easy to install, as well as easy to service and clean. These fixtures can be ordered with or without the internal microwave sensor.

These new Vapor Tight LED Series from EarthTronics is Design Light Consortium and UL listed with a 50,000-hour performance life. They may be accepted for utility rebates in many markets. Rebates can easily be found through EarthTronics website at Rebate Finder – EarthTronics. For more information about all EarthTronics products, visit

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