New battery locker system from Redford power management firm

REDFORD TWP.—Alpine Power Systems Inc. announced the introduction of its PowerMax Power Cabinet, a safe, lockable enclosure for battery systems up to 135 volts DC.

Designed for indoor use, the company says the new system will save space, improve safety, and reduce maintenance costs. The cabinet dimensions are 56 inches long by 27.75 inches wide by 39.9 inches high, which the company said provides a smaller footprint than traditional wet cell battery systems.

“We are proud to announce the launch of our PowerMax Power Cabinet,” said Phil O’Connell, director of backup power sales for Alpine. “This system will save space, improve safety, and reduce maintenance costs for utility and telecom applications.”

The cabinet is installed with sealed TPPL battery technology, and Alpine officials say up to 20 years of reliability can be expected at 77-degree ambient room temperature (10 years at 95 degrees). They said the system can permanently replace larger wet cell options or be used as a mobile temporary power source.

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Alpine Power Systems, established in 1963, is an independent distributor of backup power to the utility and telecom industries, including batteries, DC power systems, generators, UPS systems, emergency lighting products, enclosures and racks, surge protection products, testing equipment, cooling products, and more.

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