ImageSoft debuts multi-media evidence tool to secure prosecutions

SOUTHFIELD­—ImageSoft Inc. has introduced a new Paperless Prosecutor Solution that offers multi-media evidence playback for evidence used in court proceedings.

Company officials said the new multi-media evidence tool equips prosecutors with the ability to unambiguously playback the moment of impact and/or follow a suspect through multiple video sources.

Multi-media evidence playback is the latest functionality to expand and enhance ImageSoft’s Paperless Prosecutor Solution. As the eyes and ears of real-time crime, it’s vital to the integrity of prosecutable cases that video, images, audio and metadata from surveillance and body cameras, cell phones and more are upheld to the best possible pixel quality and media standards of any courtroom.

Lending itself to a more refined access, review and analyzation process, the playback tool allows a multitude of proprietary crime scene file types to be easily dragged and dropped into an intuitive playback interface and instantly normalized for replay during investigations or proceedings. Not only does this improve evaluations for use or perception of force, the improved accuracy strengthens trial exhibits with clear depictions and metadata that, traditionally, could not be reproduced.

In addition to normalizing files, this multi-media evidence playback tool supports prosecutors in adhering to local disclosure requirements. From there, shaky, difficult-to-decipher footage is smoothed out with a one-click stabilization tool and hidden images are enhanced while retaining the original file. Investigators can then embed high-resolution videos and images directly into their reports with the help of pre-established templates that package concise PDF reports for attorneys, judiciaries and other appropriate parties. Best yet, the multi-media evidence playback tool validates incriminating evidence with metadata and hexadecimal analysis and hashing for a confident, irrefutable testimony.

“As a stand-alone capability, the multi-media evidence playback tool sharpens the prosecutor’s practice by being able to present undeniable crime in its most distilled form,” said Dave Hawkins, CEO of ImageSoft. “But marrying this playback functionality with the Paperless Prosecutor Solution’s electronic workflow streamlines collaboration among law enforcement, investigators, prosecutors, courts and all other affiliated parties, and empowering that type of efficiency is where the purpose of this tool really shines.”

ImageSoft develops software for the criminal justice system and other government functions. For more information about ImageSoft and its Paperless Prosecution Solution, visit .

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