Benzinga, Skyhook in new deal for location data

DETROIT—The Detroit-based financial information services provider Benzinga announced a collaboration with Skyhook, a consumer location data analytics provider, to deliver its geolocational datasets. The product will be based on venue locations and the number of consumer visits that are seen at those respective venues.

Boston-based Skyhook uses a combination of GPS and cell phone data to track the location and behaviors of consumers through their mobile phones and other Internet of Things connected devices. Skyhook uses the data to analyze consumer behavior.

Officials of Benzinga and Skyhook plan to offer these location insights to institutional buy-side clients such as private equity funds, mutual funds, life insurance companies, hedge funds, and pension funds. Those investors can use the data to analyze investing in retailers and other businesses that depend on foot traffic.

“There’s no other geolocational provider in the space like Skyhook,” said John Bolton, Benzinga vice president of data operations. “Their insights are a result of dedication to quality and integrity. Benzinga follows those same guidelines, and that’s why our partnership will only continue to reach new heights.”.

Read more about Benzinga’s market and alternative data APIs at and visit the Skyhook website at More about Benzinga at


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