Altair acquires NVH software from Colorado firm

TROY—The engineering technology developer Altair Inc.(Nasdaq:ALTR) announced the acquisition of software called SEAM from a Golden, Colo.-based technology development firm, Cambridge Collaborative Inc.

SEAM software predicts high-frequency noise and vibration in a wide variety of products and environments.

“This sophisticated software has helped launch submarines, spaceships, cars and planes, and we are confident it will be a strategic complement to Altair’s portfolio,” said James Scapa, Altair’s founder and CEO. “We continue to focus on our mission of enabling our customers to innovate intelligently through the use of our cutting-edge algorithms.”

Sound quality and design play a critical role in the success and adoption of new products across a wide range of industries, as they are associated product quality. Statistical energy analysis (SEA), embedded into SEAM software, allows engineers and designers to identify and solve noise and vibration problems early in the design cycle, saving critical time and money, shortening the product development cycle and improving user experience.

“This is a terrific day for SEAM customers; not only can they continue to use SEAM to help their ideas take flight, but they soon will enjoy the benefits of the Altair ecosystem,” said Patricia Manning, president of Cambridge Collaborative. “Engineers appreciate us because we have been by their side through our people and products helping them explore, protect and soar – and that’s only going to improve exponentially with Altair.”

SEAM software will fall under the Altair HyperWorks platform and will be integrated with other Altair technologies like NVH Director and OptiStruct for noise and vibration analysis, and UltraFluidX to simulate noise with external aerodynamics studies.

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