Mi Padrino hits 300,000 mark in Latinx event planning

ANN ARBOR — Mi Padrino, a Hispanic event planning website, has announced its 300,000th user. The online platform is a one-stop shop planning experience for quinceañeras, bodas, and other traditional Hispanic events, allowing Latinx families from all over the country to easily plan their events online while embracing centuries-old traditions.

With Mi Padrino’s event planning and crowd-gifting platform, families can plan their entire event online from start to finish. Users get a personalized online checklist to stay organized and keep track of everything that needs to get done. Mi Padrino’s vendor platform lists bands, venues, photographers, and other types of vendors in their area specializing in these traditional events. Inspiration and planning guides help keep them prepared and make sure they pick the right vendors that are truly perfect for them.

“One of the best features of Mi Padrino are the event pages,” said Kim Gamez, founder, and CEO of Mi Padrino. “Users create personalized websites to share event details and pictures, gather RSVPs, create a customized registry, and gather contributions from padrinos online.”

Beyond helping people plan their biggest life events, Mi Padrino also offers a marketplace for small business owners to sell homemade and traditional products to a global market. This connects users with products from around the world that they otherwise could not find, from traditional dresses and tiaras to invitations and more.

“Hispanic families are so passionate about their culture; the food, dancing, traditions, and more,” Gamez said. “Yet, planning traditional events has always been done with pen and paper. That’s why we started Mi Padrino — to bring Hispanic traditions online and meet the demand of the modern Latinx family. Our community is proud of who they are and where they’ve come from, and we hope tools like Mi Padrino can help keep the beautiful Hispanic traditions alive for generations to come.”

More at http://www.mipadrino.com.

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