Stryker rolls out visualization tools for surgeons

KALAMAZOO — Stryker Corp., the Kalamazoo-based medical equipment manufacturer, announced the launch of new visualization tools designed to enhance arthroscopic surgery — HipCheck, HipMap, the 1688 Advanced Imaging Modalities (AIM) 4K Visualization Platform, and the Connected OR Hub.

Details of the new products are as follows:
* HipCheck and HipMap:The HipCheck platform is focused on advancing the field of hip arthroscopy as an interactive tablet integrating into existing OR workflow, calculating intraoperative measurements and working to deliver a higher degree of accuracy in measuring bone deformities. This interactive tablet also incorporates a 3D imaging tool designed to improve pre-operative planning, HipMap.
* 1688 AIM 4K Platform:The 1688 AIM 4K Platform features several enhancements, such as brilliant 4K resolution and fluorescence, auto-light technology, better ergonomics and seamless standardization. Approved for use in a variety of specialties, including arthroscopy, laparoscopy, urology, gynecology, colorectal and ear-nose-throat, the platform’s 4K display offers bright, clear images for improved surgical visualization. The advanced system’s L11 light source features Stryker’s proprietary auto-light technology, which automatically corrects poor lighting in posterior compartments and self-adjusts based on anatomy.
* Connected OR Hub:To help improve standardization in the operating room, Stryker’s Connected OR Hub allows for seamless connectivity between devices. The Connected OR Hub allows surgeons to capture, record, stream and print images directly from the 1688 AIM 4K Platform. Surgeons can also use the hub to customize surgeon profiles and desired tower settings to drive efficiency.

Stryker will debut these new technologies at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons annual meeting March 12-16 in Las Vegas. More at

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