Plex marks 10th straight year of double-digit growth

TROY – Plex Systems Inc., the developer of manufacturing management software and systems, announced it had achieved its 10th straight year of double-digit growth in 2018.

Company officials said more than 640 manufacturers, both product and process, are now using Plex Manufacturing Cloud sytems.

Plex also introduced over 40 new product releases and enhancements to drive manufacturing productivity, workforce efficiency, and streamline operations from the supply chain through delivery. In 2018, Plex helped its customers make 556,000 unique parts and completes more than 7 billion transactions per day to deliver a total of 4.3 million shipments.

“Plex and its customers personify the convergence of the physical and digital worlds, defining Industry 4.0 and transforming the way things are made,” said Bill Berutti, CEO of Plex Systems. “With the addition of Industrial IoT in 2019, Plex will continue to be at the forefront of manufacturing technology, creating new opportunities for productivity and innovation. When combined with widespread cloud adoption predicted by manufacturing industry experts, Plex is poised to help manufacturers achieve unprecedented growth and success.”

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