California LiDAR company to open Detroit office for mobility market

SAN JOSE, Calif.– Cepton Technologies Inc., a provider of 3D LiDAR (laser-based radar) systems for automotive, industrial, and mapping applications, announced the opening of a new office in Detroit that will operate as a key commercial and technical hub for the company.

The new office, which will officially open March 4, will help rapidly expand its portfolio of customers in the automotive and mobility markets.

The company said the office will open with three employees, with plans to expand up to 10 employees in the next 12 months.

The opening of the Detroit office continues Cepton’s commitment to providing customers with high resolution, long-range and cost-efficient LiDAR systems for 3D perception, with a specific focus on meeting the needs of the automotive and mobility industries.

Cepton has several current and prospective customers in the Detroit area that this office will help better serve. Additionally, this expansion will help the company work more closely with these customers, as well as tier one partners such as May Mobility and North American Lighting, and others to be announced in 2019.

“Cepton is committed to helping our customers bring self-driving vehicles to market by mass producing long range, high resolution, compact LiDAR sensors at an affordable price,” said Jun Pei, CEO and co-founder of Cepton. “It strategically makes sense to have a team based in Detroit where they can work closely with our customers to help them accomplish their goals and obtain their feedback to further advance our solutions.”

The company’s Director of Business Development, Mitch Hourtienne, will lead the office expansion with members from other Cepton offices around the world visiting and working short-term rotations. The team will support customers as they implement and launch Cepton’s technology and products.

Cepton introduced two new LiDAR products, Vista-M and Vista-X, designed for all levels of autonomous application, at CES 2019, and will begin mass producing its portfolio of LiDAR sensors in partnership with Celestica this year with full volume production by 2020.

Cepton was founded in 2016 by Jun Pei and Mark McCord. Pei previously founded AEP Technology to develop advanced 3D optical instruments. Earlier in his career, he worked in technology development at KLA-Tencor, a semiconductor metrology company. Pei received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stanford University. McCord was previously director of system engineering and advanced development at KLA-Tencor. He has also served as an associate professor at Stanford University, and as a research staff member at IBM Research. McCord also received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stanford University.

Cepton currently has openings for a mechanical engineer, a senior software engineer, a senior system software engineer, and a customer success engineer,

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