OptimizeRx in new partnership

ROCHESTER — OptimizeRx Corp. (NASDAQ: OPRX), the Rochseter-based provider of digital health messaging for the pharmaceutical industry, announced a new partnership with Birmingham, Ala.-based IllumiCare Inc., developers of technology that provides patient information to health care providers.

IllumiCare’s Smart Ribbon platform will feature a new app from OptimizeRx, the RxSavings App, to present drug savings opportunities — such as co-pay offers and vouchers — that providers and the clinical care team can distribute to the patient directly at the point-of-care.

“At OptimizeRx, our singular focus is to improve the lines of communication between pharma, providers and patients,” said Miriam Paramore, president of OptimizeRx. “By bringing these stakeholders together, we can create a seamless continuum that impacts the healthcare industry greatly. Our partnership with IllumiCare is an example of our long-standing commitment to bringing financial conversations to the forefront, which not only helps affordability and adherence but improves overall outcomes as well.”

OptimizeRx officials say recent surveys show that rising drug prices and drug shortages have hit hospitals, forcing hospital staff to spend time searching for substitute treatments, which can delay patient procedures and other services. The report noted that alternatives are often also more expensive than usual care.

“Our collaboration with OptimizeRx will enable providers to be better stewards of healthcare spending,” said G.T. LaBorde, CEO of IllumiCare. “Our Smart Ribbon technology, accessible within the provider’s workflow in the electronic health record, will give providers easy access to render coupons, savings opportunities or alternate drug choices to best support the patient.”

The RxSavings App launch is planned during the second quarter of 2019. IllumiCare is EHR-agnostic and has integrations with Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, Meditech and others. Known for providing cost and risk data to physicians directly at the point-of-care, the Smart Ribbon is customizable to every hospital’s needs. It displays a variety of apps based on context and user that illuminate opportunities to reduce overutilization and enable providers to be better stewards of hospital and patient resources. The technology is live across more than 120 hospitals in the United States.

For more information on the partnership, visit www.optimizerx.com or www.illumicare.com.

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