Huge solar farm approved in Shiawassee County

CORUNNA — Construction of a $250 million, 1,200-acre solar power farm in mid-Michigan’s Shiawassee County is predicted to begin later this year after the project proposed by New York City-based Ranger Power was approved by the Shiawassee County Planning Commission.

Officials with Ranger Power said the commission’s approval of a special use permit for the site in Hazelton and Venice townships was the final step in approval for the project.

The company has said the project, on mostly vacant farm land, would create more than 300 jobs during construction. It’s planned for completion in 2020.

“We appreciate the support from local community members, businesses, neighbors and residents as we sought approval for the Assembly Solar Project,” said Sergio Trevino, director of permitting at Ranger Power, said in a press release. “The strong partnership we have forged will ensure this project is a win for the entire community, creating more jobs and revenue for schools and public safety.”

The Assembly Solar Project, which will be developed on a 1,200 acre site of primarily fields and vacant land, received community support throughout the planning process. It will generate enough electricity to power about 35,000 homes. The Michigan Public Power Agency plans to purchase 50 megawatts of power from the project.

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