Grand Haven firm rolls out cell phone charger and cleaner at CES

GRAND HAVEN — UV Partners, the developer of the UV Angel technology platform, today announced that UV Angel Aura Clean & Charge, an automated device that combines UV-C light disinfection technology with wireless charging, is being unveiled at the 2019 CES, formerly the International Consumer Electronics Show.

The UV disinfection device, combined with the convenience and power of Qi-certified wireless charging, can be used in healthcare, commerce, education, and residential environments.

In a study by the University of Arizona, scientists found that mobile phones carry 10 times more bacteria than toilet seats – a staggering statistic considering mobile phones are used an average of 47 times a day. UV Partners has created a solution with Aura Clean & Charge that helps solve that problem by using the UV Angel’s intelligent, automated disinfecting technology to eliminate bacteria on frequently touched surfaces, such as mobile phones, without interrupting natural patterns of behavior and workflow.

At CES, UV Partners will be alongside strategic partner GHSP in booth 6638 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center to demonstrate several other disinfection technology products that integrate with premium appliances, automotive applications, self-service terminals, keyboards, laptops, and medical devices.

“Each year, tens of thousands of people are infected with bacteria from public environments,” said Tom Byrne, CEO, UV Angel. “At UV Angel, we are proud to have developed a pioneering technology platform used in the fight against bacteria-related infections. We are excited that our automated technology is advancing in our branded products, and with OEM and licensing partners, to give a proactive approach to building safer and healthier environments for customers, employees, and families.”

UV Angel Aura Clean & Charge is built on UV Angel technology, a patented platform of disinfection technologies that can be used in many products and applications and licensed to partners across a variety of sectors. It automatically and continually disinfects hundreds of surfaces, with clinical studies showing more than a 99 percent reduction in bacteria levels on surfaces.

“Aura Clean & Charge demonstrates how well our UV Angel disinfection technology platform can be incorporated with other systems, products and environments,” said Dave Baarman, CTO at UV Partners. “The ability to simultaneously disinfect while charging and not disrupt workflow is a game-changer and opens up the possibility for future products that combine multiple technologies and uses.”

Baarman, who holds hundreds of patents, was one of the early developers of wireless charging technology and is bringing the same efforts and rigor to developing technology at UV Partners.

UV Partners also demonstrated its technology at Digital Experience, an invite-only media event, held at the Mirage hotel on Monday, Jan. 7.

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