St. Clair inventors’ product picked up by Disney

ST. CLAIR — Smart Shelf, a Michigan‐based company started by brothers Dan and Ed Cass, announced that its patented portable furniture platform has been licensed with the Walt Disney Co.

The Mickey Smart Shelf designs were expanded to fit into the new Disney Home Store product line and the launch of the 90th Anniversary of Mickey Mouse.

The Mickey Smart Shelf is a Disney‐themed portable furniture platform that functions as a nightstand and snack tray. The tray slides under a mattress, and keeps personal items within reach, off the bed, and off the floor. It can also be configured with beverage holders, reading lights and flashlights. Future versions will include wireless device charging, according to the Cass brothers.

The product idea is the brain‐child of local entrepreneur brothers Dan and Ed Cass, who have won several pitch contests with it.

Smart Shelf President Dan Cass said of his presentation to the House of Mouse, “Disney liked the idea very much and it wasn’t long before our product was approved. Upon approval, Disney asked us to create four new designs of the Mickey Smart Shelf to be in line with their Disney Home Store product line that launched earlier this year. With Disney’s help we have fast‐tracked our product to launch in time with the year‐long 90th Anniversary of Mickey Mouse that kicked off in early November. These are some very exciting times for us.”

Added Ed Cass, the company’s vice president: “A great idea, hard work, dedication and commitment are what got us here. Dreams really do come true. Not only did Disney like our character shaped platform and the ideas we have to expand its capabilities, they immediately asked us to start working on other platform designs to be in sync with their upcoming movies next year. We have literally reinvented the nightstand into a themed portable multi-functional platform that can be used simply by sliding it under mattresses or cushioned furniture…now our greatest challenge is letting the world know what we have!”

To learn more about Smart Shelf and its other products, contact Ed Cass at (810) 637‐1333 or email More at

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