Kraig finalizing first shipment of genetically engineered silkworms

ANN ARBOR — Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc. (OTC: KBLB) has announced that it is finalizing the first shipment of its genetigcally engineered silkworms to Vietnam, where it plans to produce silk with superior strength in Quang Nam province.

The company says it is coordinating the details of this shipment with senior officials within key central Vietnamese government ministries, as well as senior leadership in Quang Nam province.

Kraig has genetically engineered silkworms with spider genes, prompting the silk spun by the silkworms for their cocoons to have superior strength, similar to spiderweb fibers.

“This shipment is a pivotal moment for Kraig Labs and a breakthrough in the commercialization of spider silk,” said Kraig COO Jon Rice. “The company and our team of consultants in Vietnam, led by Mr. Ken Le, have worked tirelessly to make this shipment possible. Due to the unique nature of this project, we have had to work hand-in-hand with government officials in Vietnam to develop the required regulations and protocols. With all of the approvals in place, we are excited to be finalizing this first shipment, as we kick off the next phase of commercializing our spider silk technology.”

The company expects to have all of the required documentation for this shipment completed within the next two to three weeks and expects to be raising its silkworms in Vietnam in the fourth quarter.

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