WEYV announces integration with Google Chromecast

TROY — WEYV, an app platform with music, magazines, e-books and more, has announced an integration with Google Chromecast, Google’s media streaming device.

Now users can stream music in the WEYV app from their phone, tablet or laptop to their TV.

WEYV is a business unit of Troy-based Altair Inc.

“It’s not uncommon for consumers to play music on their TV as part of their daily rhythm and when entertaining. In addition to our integrations with Sonos and Amazon Alexa, we’re happy to also allow our users to stream their music on their Chromecast device,” said Stephanie Scapa, CEO of WEYV. “Now our users can enjoy their WEYV music in just about any environment at home and in the car.”

To play WEYV on a Chromecast device, users should open the WEYV app on their phone or tablet, play a song, tap the casting icon shown on the play queue and then select their Chromecast-enabled TV.

WEYV is available as an ad-free, subscription-based app that allows users to listen to music, read magazines and e-books, and, soon, watch visual content. WEYV is available on iOS and Android devices and via a web player for U.S.-based users.

To learn more about how WEYV works with Google Chromecast, please visit WEYV’s help page at http://help.weyv.com/support/solutions/articles/19000084011-weyv-on-chromecast

More content will be added to WEYV on a rolling basis. WEYV is available for a 14-day free trial and can be accessed via the App Store, Google Play and the WEYV website.

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