New software features from LevelEleven

DETROIT – LevelEleven, the Detroit-based developer of sales management software, says it has added several enhancements to its product to meet the needs of larger organizations in areas of coaching, onboarding, and executive insights.

The company said the improvements come with the addition of several large new customers in dealing with the challenges of motivating, engaging, and coaching their teams around the behaviors that lead to better results.

LevelEleven Coach enables companies across the globe to streamline their feedback between managers and individual contributors, tie real-time performance to that feedback, and to onboard their team members more efficiently.

LevelEleven Executive Scorecard then empowers senior leaders to make better decisions with real-time access to performance data. Through the use of an intuitive hierarchy model, leaders are able to view progress against key performance indicators across the company and then drill into areas that need more attention.

Built on the Salesforce Platform, LevelEleven has been available on the AppExchange since 2011 and Executive Scorecard is an add-on to LevelEleven’s existing platform and the first solution within the company’s new Insights Suite.

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