Plex acquires Industrial Internet of Things firm

TROY — Plex Systems, the Troy developer of industrial management software, announced it has acquired Dattus Inc., a Troy-based developer of software to connect manufacturing equipment and sensors.

Plex officials said Dattus brings to the Plex Manufacturing Cloud three major capabilities that will become central to Plex’s long-term Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) strategy — IIoT Connectivity, IIoT Data Management, and IIoT Data Analysis.

* IIoT Connectivity: Dattus has simplified machine connectivity, providing plug-and-play solutions that work with the wide variety of protocols and data types used by equipment and sensors on the manufacturing shop floor.
* IIoT Data Management: the Dattus IIoT platform captures and manages the extraordinary volume and variety of machine data to support real-time visibility into activity across production operations.
* IIoT Data Analysis: Dattus analytics enable operational and business leaders to understand IIoT data in motion, providing decision support in areas such as predictive maintenance and machine performance.

“Plex pioneered the connection of machines and sensors to the cloud, ushering in the Industrial Internet of Things,” said Richard Murray, chief product officer for Plex Systems. “Dattus represents the next generation in IIoT, and accelerates our mission to make machine connectivity as simple as adding a smart thermostat to your home. We see this as an opportunity for a major step forward in both connectivity and utilization of machine data to drive efficiency, performance, and innovation on the shop floor.”

Added Plex interim CEO Don Clarke: “We expect the new technologies and solutions we’re bringing onboard with Dattus to be a powerful and complementary addition to that partner network, adding new capabilities that our partners can leverage to deliver even more robust solutions to our mutual customers.”

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