Ann Arbor’s Clixie in deal with Google

ANN ARBOR — Following recent successes at the University of Michigan, Clixie Media LLC announced a new partnership with Google’s Android Partner Training division.

Clixie will add interactive bookmarks, in-video quizzing, and conditional learning paths to Google’s video training content for Google partners.

Clixie is a privately held technology company based in Ann Arbor.

“The addition of Clixie provides immediate and tremendous value to the Partner Training curricula for global sales, service, and support,” said Tim Moore, president of Clixie. “The system’s highly detailed, real-time data makes it an excellent fit for Google Partners with its’ dynamic environments and complex reporting requirements.”

Added Ben Tyson, global lead for Android partner training strategy: “We needed to find new ways to engage our global partners which include retail, carriers, and device manufacturers in our training delivery. We felt that our current offerings were stale. We have found that interactive video has completely revitalized our training programs and Clixie can provide a much deeper level of tracking and reporting the success our modules have. We will continue this path of delivery for our e-learning content via interactive video.”

Clixie Media provides an integrated platform that allows Google educators and course designers, in any language, to add interactivity and other features to existing video content. The resulting videos are mobile-responsive, allowing students to access the content on any device, and customizable to the instructor’s needs.

Beyond interactivity, Clixie allows instructors to chapter information, deliver in-video quizzes and polls, and add conditional branching so only relevant content is shown. Clixie also collects macro- and micro- level data about video viewing behavior that educators can use to respond to students’ interests and needs. This information allows professors to be responsive to students by adjusting in-class readings to reflect student interests or by providing supplemental teaching material to address challenges.

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