Air Lift rolls out new wireless air suspension control system

LANSING — Air Lift Co. announced a redesign of its WirelessOne on-board air compressor system, making the wireless control of all brands and types of air springs easier and more convenient than ever.

This single-path, on-board air compressor system makes it simple to level out a vehicle on the go, without the hassle of using an external air compressor.

The redesign of WirelessOne was based fully on increased functionality, beginning with the introduction of a new companion app, available free for iOS and Android devices, allowing users to inflate or deflate their air springs from their Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. The included, hand-held controller also features updated internal hardware and an LCD display for clearer communication. Both the app and the controller are programmable with up to three user-defined presets, making pressure changes easily, from inside or outside the vehicle.

The compact manifold has been completely redesigned to include Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for two-way communication between the manifold and the controller, resulting in integrated diagnostics, including leak detection and wiring assistance. Any necessary software improvements are now available using Air Lift’s exclusive firmware-over-the-air technology, through the mobile app.

The company said the compressor connects directly to the pre-assembled wiring harness, and requires only a connection to the battery, eliminating the need to connect to a fuse box or route wiring inside the vehicle.

WirelessONE is also available with a new “EZ Mount” system, which packages the manifold and an upgraded heavy-duty compressor into one pre-assembled mounting bracket, making installation faster and simpler.

The WirelessONE system is backed by Air Lift’s 2-year limited warranty and a 60-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. For more information, visit, or call Air Lift’s customer service team at (800) 248-0892.

Air Lift, founded in 1949, is a third generation, family-owned suspension-specialty company, based in Lansing.

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