Kraig expanding mulberry orchards for ‘spider silk’ production in Vietnam

ANN ARBOR — Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc. (OTCQB: KBLB), the biotech startup using recombinant DNA technology to create super-strength silk from silkworms implanted with spider genes, said that its operation in Quang Nam province, Vietnam, is expanding mulberry tree plantings.

The company said the expansion of mulberry leaf production — the only food that silkworms will eat — will produce a “significant increase in capacity” for production of Kraig’s product, known as “spider silk.” The expansion will see another 2,500 acres devoted to mulberry trees.

“Collaboration with local farmers and workers, leveraging their expertise and knowledge, is core to our production scale up efforts,” said Jon Rice, Kraig COO. “This effort highlights the complementary efforts that we are taking, in combination with the leadership in Quang Nam, to restore their traditional sericulture industry by blending in new high technology agriculture. This continued collaboration will play a key part in the exciting growth potential we’re seeing with our expansion in Vietnam and the market for affordable spider silk materials.”

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