Altair’s WEYV in new children’s content partnership

TROY — WEYV, the music and content app platform from Troy-based Altair Engineering Inc., announced a partnership with Cricket Media, the Herndon, Va.-based children’s content provider.

Through this partnership, WEYV will now offer 11 new child-focused magazines and more than 175 e-books in the app. The magazines, all of which won Gold Awards in the 2018 Parents’ Choice Awards, include Babybug for children under 3, Click and Ladybug for ages 3-6, Ask and Spider for ages 6-9, Cobblestone, Cricket, Dig, Faces and Muse for ages 9-14, and Cicada for ages 15 and up.

The new e-book additions from Cricket Media’s catalog are high-interest, short form, fiction and non-fiction across content areas for a vast range of reading levels. In addition to e-books that allow children to read on their own, WEYV will also contain e-books with read-along audio, perfect for budding readers.

“As an organization that is committed to creating collaborative learning experiences that build children’s confidence, creativity, and curiosity, partnering with WEYV, a company focused on providing high-quality content to its users, especially families, was an obvious fit,” said Bob Sanregret, vice president of sales at Cricket Media.

Led by Cricket Media’s child-focused content, WEYV has incorporated a special “For Kids” section in the Read section of the app, which houses all of the e-books and magazines created especially for children.

“As we look to continuously expand the content options in WEYV to cater to our users’ interests and lifestyle, we quickly learned that providing family-friendly content is key,” said Stephanie Scapa, CEO of WEYV. “Partnering with Cricket Media, a trusted source for high-quality children’s content, has allowed us to very quickly establish a robust library of content for children of all ages.”

WEYV is available as an ad-free, subscription-based app that allows users to listen to music, and read magazines and e-books. Visual content is coming soon, the company says. WEYV is available on iOS and Android devices and via a web player for United States-based users.

WEYV is available for a 14-day free trial and can be accessed via the App Store, Google Play and the WEYV website.

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