Radley announces upgrade path for Android OS

GRAND RAPIDS — Radley Corp., developers of manufacturing and supply chain software and services, announced the availability of a mobile user interface for users of ruggedized wireless handheld mobile computers in warehouse and distribution environments.

Over the next few years, these types of hardware are moving from a Windows-based interface to an Android interface. The mobile UI offered by Radley is an upgrade path allowing users to keep their current Windows-enabled devices and upgrade to run on Android UI once the Windows UI is phased out. Users can run a mix of old and new hardware running with Windows OS and Android OS, allowing them to phase in replacement costs by deciding when to replace their current hardware.

“Radley’s hardware and software experts can help users prepare for the future without having to cut off their legacy hardware,” said Kevin Cammet, vice president of Radley’s manufacturing solutions division

Radley is a one-stop vendor providing hardware as well as software solutions and in-house consultation and support teams. This expertise can help users phase out their existing hardware with solutions configured for specific industries and customer processes.

More at www.radley.com

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