ForeSee launches new version of CX suite

ANN ARBOR — The Ann Arbor customer relationship analysis firm ForeSee has introduced a new version of its ForeSee CX Suite.

The company says the software helps companies turn customer feedback into concrete steps to improve customer satisfaction, and identifies which actions will provide the most help.

The latest version of the ForeSee CX Suite was announced at ForeSee Connect, the company’s flagship event for customers and CX leaders, held this week in Phoenix, Ariz.

The business impact of the ForeSee CX Suite, which includes increased conversion rates, more profits from online sales, decreased call center costs, and reduced total cost of customer experience initiatives, will be detailed in a forthcoming Forrester Total Economic Impact study. Conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by ForeSee, the full study will be published in June.

The company said the new CX Suite offers:
* Flexible survey design: ForeSee has reimagined survey experience to address the changing digital consumer and how they give feedback. The new user experience includes multiple invitation and survey design options that companies can personalize to reflect their brand and are more dynamic and engaging based on device type.
* Predictive Net Promoter Score (NPS): For nearly two decades, ForeSee has measured both “net promoter score” — an index based on customers’ likelihood to recommend a product or company to friends — and customer satisfaction, and provided comprehensive industry benchmarks to give clients insight into competitors, peer sets, or best-in-class companies — by industry, channel, device, or touchpoint. Predictive NPS now enables companies to use ForeSee’s patented, predictive analytics model to accurately and efficiently identify the drivers of NPS and the actions that will have the most impact on improving their scores.
* Advanced dashboards: With dashboards for every role in the enterprise, CX Suite users can use best-practice data visualizations or customize their own views to operationalize “voice of the customer” data. This capability gives executives, line of business leaders, and analysts the CX data that is most relevant to their roles, while still providing the ability to drill down for deeper analysis.
* Intelligent text analysis: As customer feedback proliferates across channels, harnessing insights from unstructured text has never mattered more. With machine-learning enhancements to ForeSee’s integrated text analytics tool, users can analyze more external data sources in aggregate and uncover root causes using topics and keywords.
* More powerful digital replays: With increased performance and new privacy and security features, uses can find and fix problems more efficiently by watching digital replays paired with customer feedback.
* Advanced machine learning platform: The new release of ForeSee CX Suite includes full integration of the company’s big data and machine learning platform that currently processes hundreds of millions of events per day.
* General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): In advance of the May 25 deadline, ForeSee is fully committed to and prepared to help clients meet all the necessary GDPR requirements. This includes allowing clients to retrieve and permanently delete personal data.

The new release of the ForeSee CX Suite, including Predictive NPS, will be available this summer. For more information, visit

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