Drone inspection company unveils new software

ANN ARBOR — SkySpecs, the Ann Arbor-based provider of drone systems for the wind energy industry, has announced a new product, Horizon.

Horizon is a wind turbine analytics and management software designed to provide insights and analytics that will support the goal of automating the analysis, creation, and execution of preventative maintenance programs on wind farms.

SkySpecs will unveil the new product at the American Wind Energy Association exhibition in Chicago May 7-10. The SkySpecs team invites attendees to view a demo of the product at their AWEA booth 4847. Attendees can also make appointments to view the software by contacting SkySpecs at Horizon@skyspecs.com.

Horizon enables all key players in the wind energy industry to collaborate more efficiently and ground their turbine maintenance and repair processes in a consistent and ongoing cycle of data collection, analysis, and planning to optimize repair dollars spent and minimize downtime for inspection and repair.
“Preventative maintenance strategies are becoming increasingly important as existing turbines age and as bigger and more powerful models are added to fleets,” said Joe Ciliberti, SkySpecs principal product manager. “Our customers have been asking for a solution that helps identify trends and streamline the complex and tedious tasks involved in planning and executing repair work. Horizon is a single application that brings data, analytics and automation together to make wind turbine O&M planning easier, more exact, and far more predictive.”

SkySpecs will release a series of new features throughout 2018, prioritizing those that have the greatest immediate value to its customer base of more than 30 utilities.

“We launched completely automated blade inspections in early 2017, allowing us to break records in onshore and offshore blade data collection all over the world,” said SkySpecs CEO Danny Ellis. “Now we are helping customers maximize the value of their data by helping them predict failures, forecast repair costs, and optimize their repair schedules and turbine up-time. We’re excited to provide exclusive demos of Horizon at this year’s AWEA exhibition.”

More at www.skyspecs.com

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