Nexteer expands steering technology for autonomy

DETROIT — Nexteer Automotive, the Saginaw-based developer of electric steering technology, announced the expansion of its advanced steering technology suite at the 2018 North American International Auto Show.

“While these industry-leading innovations can each stand on their own merit, the real game-changer is the combination of technologies in a single suite of technologies,” said Jeff Zuraski, executive director of research and development.

The technologies include:

* Steering on Demand System: With the press of a button or simply by grabbing the steering wheel, Steering on Demand System enables the safe, intuitive transitions of steering control between manual driving and automated driving in vehicles capable of SAE Level 3 and beyond automated driving.

* Quiet Wheel Steering: Within Nexteer’s technology suite, Quiet Wheel Steering enables the steering wheel to remain still during automated driving mode, even while the vehicle is in the process of turning. Quiet Wheel Steering eliminates potential distractions and hazards of a fast-rotating steering wheel in front of the driver during hands-off driving, enhancing safety and sense of peace in the cabin.

* Stowable Steering Column: Vehicles equipped with Quiet Wheel Steering may also be fitted with a “stowable” column that retracts when automated driving is engaged, increasing available space for driver comfort and other activities. This stowable steering column technology gives the driver more control and options with safe, natural transitions between manual and automated driving modes.

* Steer-by-Wire: Center Link in Nexteer’s Technology Suite: In Steer-by-Wire, the mechanical connection between the road wheels and the steering wheel is replaced with electronics and actuators on the steering column and rack. This system opens new possibilities for advanced safety features, vehicle lightweighting and packaging flexibility. In addition, the system’s variable steering ratio enhances manueverabiltiy, as well as factors into Nexteer’s SbW steering feel achievement.

* High Availability Electric Power Steering: Nexteer’s high availability EPS is designed for resilient operational availability, using top-rated components that are intelligently optimized through redundancies in torque and position sensors, electronic control units, winding motors as well as dual sets of vehicle power and communication connectors.

* Cyber-Secure Advanced Steering: Nexteer takes safety to the next level by integrating multi-layer cyber security at a steering system level for maximum protection. These cyber security technologies identifies and authorizes information and command flow between the steering system and other in-vehicle or external controllers.

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