Fingerprint, Gentex in long-term deal for in-vehicle iris authentication

LAS VEGAS – Zeeland-based Gentex Corp. announced a deal to bring iris scanning technology to the automotive industry at CES 2018, formerly the International Consumer Electronics Show.

Gentex’s partner in the effort is where-based Fingerprint Cards AB, a biometrics company based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The company said automakers are interested in developing biometrics-based authentication in vehicles, for applications ranging from basic vehicle security to cabin personalization to home automation control – and additional cloud-based services that have yet to be developed.

“Collaboration is key within the automotive ecosystem, and as a leading provider of smart mirrors and automotive electronics, Gentex brings an unmatched platform and vehicle real estate through which we can deploy our ActiveIris technology,” said Christian Fredrikson, president and CEO of Fingerprint Cards. “Together, we aim to advance the market for vehicle-integrated biometrics systems that authenticate the driver and deliver custom security, comfort and convenience features. We see a great opportunity for multimode biometry, both locally and in the cloud.”

Locating the iris authentication system in or around the mirror would allow auto manufacturers to offer the solution in varying vehicle trim packages, without requiring substantial redesign of the vehicle’s interior.

For auto manufacturers that use key fobs, or car sharing providers that use phone apps to identify the driver, iris recognition could act as a second layer of security, confirming the driver’s identity, with a false acceptance rate as low as one in 10 million.

Upon entering the vehicle, the biometric system would identify the driver with an iris scan, and, if authorized, start the car and personalize setup by automatically adjusting mirrors, steering wheel, seat position, music favorites, GPS locations, and more. ActiveIris could also provide an additional layer of security for vehicle-to-home automation services and vehicle-to-infrastructure transactions.

“The ActiveIris system could enable future vehicles to quickly and accurately identify drivers and personalize the in-vehicle experience,” said Steve Downing, Gentex president and CEO. “It would also enable two-factor authentication, securing and customizing everything from vehicle operation to in-vehicle functions such as speed limiting, geo-fencing, home automation control, toll payments, and in-vehicle transactions.”

While the first systems are likely to be discreetly located inside a Gentex automatic-dimming rearview mirror or related windscreen mount, future systems could be developed in various locations in the vehicle. This agreement also allows for system integration outside the vehicle, where Fingerprints’ cloud capabilities offerings are an important component for businesses, single-household applications, and smart cities.

Founded in 1974, Gentex {Nasdaq:GNTX) is a supplier of automatic-dimming rearview mirrors and electronics to the automotive industry, dimmable aircraft windows for aviation markets, and fire protection products to the fire protection market. More at More about Fingerprints at

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