Saginaw biotech firm expands deal with Italian pharma company

SAGINAW — Graminex LLC, the Saginaw-based producer of flower pollen extracts, announced an expansion of its partnership with IDIPharma, part of the italian firm Integratori Dietetici Italiani SRL.

The company said clinical studies have supported the use of its flower pollen extract for prostate pain and chronic pelvic pain, and that research will now be expanded.

“Graminex looks forward to expanding its relationship with IDIPharma, producer of Deprox 500 containing Non-Solvent Graminex Flower Pollen Extract,” said Justin E. Ritter, regulatory affairs officer at Graminex. “IDIPharma has proven its outstanding commitment to quality by delivering substantiated products to its customers.”

Dora Arena, regulatory affairs assistant at IDIPharma, added that her company “is committed to solving gynecological, urological and andrological problems by its continued scientific collaboration within the medical community. Deprox 500, which contains Non-Solvent Graminex Flower Pollen Extract, was the first Italian supplement strongly focused on prostatitis. Deprox is supported by clinical studies that underline the distinctiveness of its formulation and its real effectiveness in regards to the long standing problems of prostatitis.”

Graminex owns and manages more than 8,500 acres of farmland in Northwest Ohio. Graminex’s active raw ingredients are grown and processed for use in the dietary supplement, pharmaceutical, food and skin care industries. Graminex markets clinically supported flower pollen extracts, focusing on prostate care, urinary care, menopausal support, and skin care. Partnered with its distributors, retailers and manufacturers, Graminex products are sold in more than 44 countries.

IDIPharma is focused on urological diseases, sponsoring events on urology in Italy and the rest of Europe.

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