US Signal launches object storage service

GRAND RAPIDS — US Signal, the Grand Rapids-based IT services provider, announced the addition of object storage to its portfolio of cloud storage services.

Company officials said the new service provides a cost-effective method for storing large quantities of non-transactional or unstructured data, making it ideal for long-term file retention of archive data or backup datasets. It can also be used with US Signal’s file and block storage options to create a multi-tiered storage strategy.

Instead of organizing data into files or blocks as is the case with traditional storage systems, object storage uses variable-sized data containers known as objects. Each object consists of data; a unique object identifier; and metadata, which are customizable attributes that users can use to tag objects. There is no folder structure. Without the limitations posed by folders, the number of objects can be increased for almost limitless scalability.

Customers can connect to US Signal’s object storage from anywhere, anytime, and with any device or application that supports S3 or Swift API calls.

Unlike many other object storage service providers, US Signal does not charge for API operations or egress bandwidth charges. Customers are only charged for a committed capacity amount, which includes all API transaction fees and any ingress/egress bandwidth consumption.

For more information, call (866) 2-SIGNAL (274-4625) or email

US signal provides network, cloud hosting, colocation, data protection and disaster recovery services over its 14,000 miles of lit fiber and metro rings.

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