LLamasoft Introduces Supply Chain Guru X Software

ANN ARBOR — LLamasoft, the Ann Arbor provider of supply chain optimization software and services, has released Supply Chain Guru X, a new supply chain design software application.

The product of three years of development, Supply Chain Guru X is the new generation of LLamasoft’s flagship product Supply Chain Guru, and also gives new life to the highly used features unique to the LogicNet Plus and CAST design applications acquired by LLamasoft in 2015.Building on the capabilities of Supply Chain Guru, Supply Chain Guru X enables companies to build living models of the end-to-end supply chain to visualize inefficiencies, optimize for significant improvements in cost, service and risk; and test hundreds of potential scenarios for continuous supply chain improvement and innovation.

The company said the new software offers:
* Visual tools for rapid configuration and automatic model building powered by the data blending and analysis technology, Data Guru, to speed the modeling process; scenario comparison features make it easy to compare scenarios side-by-side and focus the analysis on what’s important. Maps and graphs visually explain the results of analyses, and dashboards bring all the visualizations together in one place enabling focused analysis that can easily be presented.
* Four integrated solvers for network, transportation and inventory optimization as well as simulation, enabling detailed end-to-end financial, cost, and process modeling. Supply Chain Guru X solves more problems than ever before.
* Powerful and scalable cloud-based model and scenario running. Users can choose their solver with multi-solver support, shortening the time-to-answer for complex supply chain questions.

“More companies are making supply chain design a competitive weapon for their business. LLamasoft is continuously working to eliminate barriers and advance the art and science of supply chain design,” said LLamasoft President and CEO Don Hicks. “Supply Chain Guru X is the culmination of best-in-class design applications, pairing Supply Chain Guru with the former LogicTools LogicNet Plus application and the former Barloworld SCS tool CAST. This powerhouse technology, combined with the absolute brightest minds in supply chain optimization from around the world, make Supply Chain Guru X incredibly powerful, fast and fun to use.”

More at www.llamasoft.com.

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