New Supply Chain Learning Game Powered by LLamasoft

ANN ARBOR — Supply Chain Insights, a Philadelphia-based advisory firm specializing in supply chain research, and LLamasoft, an Ann Arbor developer of supply chain software and services, have announced the release of a new supply chain simulation game that helps businesses understand market-driven supply chains.

The new game, Supply Chain Insights Impact, addresses the multi-dimensional change happening in the industry as baby-boomers pass the baton to the next generation of supply chain practitioners — Gen X, Y and Millennials.

“Businesses are struggling to effectively package up all the knowledge of current workforces to equip the talent that will shape the supply chain of tomorrow,” said Lora Cecere, founder and CEO of Supply Chain Insights. “This game is an effective, fun method for your teams to work together to understand the business impact of decisions made at different points in a complex supply chain.”

Added Jeff Metersky, vice president of solution strategy at LLamasoft: “Supply Chain Insights selected LLamasoft to partner with to leverage our Planning by Design and Supply Chain Simulation Technology in order to architect a unique gamified environment that demonstrates how collaboration with insightful information drives better decision-making across the stakeholders in the supply chain. The powerful algorithms behind the technology used in the game can quickly visualize the supply chain’s complex interactions and resulting performance to enable the game’s objectives and enhance the players’ future decision making. But make no mistake, this game is also really fun to play!”

To learn more about the game, visit More about LLamasoft at

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