Compuware Announces Day One Support of the IBM z14

DETROIT — The Detroit mainframe computer software developer Compuware Corp. has announced “day one” support for IBM’s new z14 mainframe.

Compuware officials said the z14’s new features, particularly greater security enabled through pervasive encryption, will help Compuware customers optimize “digital trust”— heightening user confidence that their sensitive data is being kept safe and secure. The z14 also features additional hardware capacity and performance optimizations.

“The digital economy has fundamentally re-shaped the competitive landscape,” said Compuware CEO Christopher O’Malley. “When it comes to time-to-market for innovative products and services, big doesn’t beat small; rather, fast beats slow. By modernizing their mainframe tools and processes, along with the platform itself, our customers can be both big and fast. The z14 addresses yet another value attribute — trust beats doubt — and our shared customers can now benefit from this truly winning combination.”

While the mainframe has long been known for its superior security, IBM’s new pervasive encryption will provide extensive encryption of data, both in-flight and at-rest. This further maximizes protection for the majority of corporate data worldwide which continues to reside on mainframes. This enhancement aligns with Compuware’s recent announcement of Application Audit, a product that provides end-to-end visibility into privileged user behavior in order to safeguard against insider threats to mainframe applications and data.

Additionally, Compuware said its Topaz software suite makes it easier for organizations to understand and work with mainframe applications, as well as, access mainframe data quickly for various purposes, including Big Data analytics. These capabilities are critical for speedier and more accurate program analysis, reducing the risk associated with updating undocumented applications while enabling strategic business decisions to be made in real-time.

Compuware officials sadi the company worked in collaboration with IBM to ensure its products work seamlessly upon customer migration to the new z14 hardware platform. More at

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