New Construction Management Software From Ann Arbor Firm

ANN ARBOR — Invicara, the Ann Arbor-based provider of software for building information modeling, announced the release of BIM Assure 1.2, with new features focused on making BIM data validation and reporting easier and faster.

Building information modeling uses digital representations of buildings and sites to plan, design, construct, operate and maintain physical infrastructure.

BIM Assure unlocks BIM data and helps project teams collaborate on data quality. BIM Assure’s intelligent rules help users to quickly identify and resolve issues to improve BIM quality and sync the corrections back to the source model. In addition, the easy-to-use Web app provides a common BIM environment that lets architects, engineers, contractors, and owners (AECO) share models and manage data, creating new opportunities to streamline design and construction workflows and improve project delivery.

BIM Assure new capabilities include:
* Element Data Editing: Unlock building information and create new workflows to edit model data and fix issues directly in BIM Assure and sync the updates back to Revit.
* Element Reports: Provide detailed reports on model data in Excel to help share information with other people and systems.
* Data Slices: Create a focused set of model elements to streamline model navigation and data reporting.
* Interactive 2D Views: Improve communication by providing access to building plans and data in interactive 2D views. You can select elements in a 2D view and highlight it in the 3D model.

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