2017 Government Website Visitor Satisfaction Rises

ANN ARBOR — The Ann Arbor-based website analysis firm CFI Group reported an increase in overall government website visitor satisfaction from 2016 to 2017 in its 2017 Government Websites report, a study based on a survey of government website visitors across the country.

Satisfaction is up 8 points, from a score of 65 in the government’s fiscal year 2016 to 73 in fiscal 2017, based on a 0-100 scale.

Increased visitor satisfaction led to improvement in desired behaviors from government website visitors. Likelihood to Return (up 6 points) and Likelihood to Recommend (up 7 points) both improved significantly. Federal government agencies clearly made significant improvement to the website experience for visitors in 2017.

“Federal agencies have made great strides in delivering on their digital government strategy,” said Sheri Petras, CFI Group CEO. “With over 2.5 billion government website visits in Q2 alone, these dramatic improvements to the website experience clearly have an impact on the lives of people seeking access to needed government information and services.”

To help agencies further improve the experience visitors have when accessing digital government information, the Government Websites report offers four opportunities for government website managers to continue this improvement.
* Don’t Forget Boomers (age 55+): Continue website/mobile technology development to keep pace with increasing visitor expectations. But also address Boomers+ needs as technology continues to advance.
* Design for Wayfinding: Continue to map out common visitor work?ows for those seeking to accomplish speci?c tasks. But also make the site easy to navigate for those simply browsing or searching for information.
* Remember Desktops/Laptops: Continue the mobile-?rst strategy to accommodate the growing use of phones. But also attend to the user experience for desktop/laptop visitors.
* Ensure Market Demand for Apps: Continue to create innovative new apps. But also be purposeful and market-driven in development.

To read more about the 2017 Government Website report visit www.cfigroup.com.

As founding partner of the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), CFI Group is the only company within the United States licensed to apply ACSI methodology in both the private and government sectors. Using this patented technology and top research experts, CFI Group helps agencies uncover and improve on the drivers of citizen experience.

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