EarthTronics Deliver More Light, Less Electricity for Pizza Shops

MUSKEGON — Sauce Pizza and Wine, with 11 neighborhood eateries for fast casual dining and online ordering in Arizona, recently switched to Energy Star lamps from Muskegon-based EarthTronics Inc. to save energy, while maintaining a warm, inviting dining environment.

“We wanted to reduce our electricity consumption, lower our maintenance costs, and maintain the control of light levels at each of our locations,” said Scott Kilpatrick, the company’s president and CEO. “The switch to LEDs enables us to meet those goals and allows us to concentrate on our food and our guests.”

Sauce locations range from 2,500 to 3,500 square feet, with the “front of the house” containing a dining room and open kitchen, with equipment, inventory and dishwashing in the rear. To find appropriate lighting for the restaurants, Sauce met with Don Bartelt, senior energy advisor for Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Energy Efficiency Pros, who recommended MR16 and BR30 EarthBulb LEDs from EarthTronics for the dining rooms. The six-watt, MR16 EarthBulb LED bulb provides warm, 3,000-K color light, and replace  50-watt halogen lighting. Earth Tronics says the MR16 can be used in dimming recessed lighting, track lighting and display lighting applications. The LED performs for 25,000 hours and provides 85 percent energy savings. The eight-watt, BR30 LED replaced 65 watt incandescent bulbs. It’s rated to last 25,000 hours, also provides 85 percent energy savings.

In the open kitchen area, where guests can watch the chefs in action, seven-watt PAR20 and 17-watt PAR38 EarthBulb LED floodlights were selected and installed. These PAR lamps render the entire visible spectrum, with a brilliant color rendering index of greater than 90. The EarthBulb LED PAR20 and PAR38 lamps deliver 500 and 1200 lumens, last 25,000 hours and save more than 80 percent in energy cost over the 50 and 120 watt incandescent and halogen floodlights they replaced. The LED PAR lamps are designed with the same form factor and beam pattern as the PAR lamps that they are replacing.

In Sauce’s “back of the house,” energy-efficient linear T8 LED tubes from EarthTronics replaced existing fluorescent tubes. These Design Light Consortium-listed bulbs feature nearly 50 percent energy savings and a glass tube construction that ensures proper system cooling to support high lumen maintenance over the 50,000-hour rated life of the product.

Founded in 2007, EarthTronics sells products under the EarthBulb brand name. All EarthBulb lamps provide more than 80 percent energy savings. EarthTronics energy efficient lighting products include LED light bulbs, linear LEDs and LED fixtures. More at

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    Great article, I would just add that 10 watts LED can save 82$ over LED bulb lifespan.

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