New auto wiring diagnostic from Clinton Twp. Firm

CLINTON TWP. — Tweddle Group has introduced a new automotive wiring diagnostic system, Tracer.

The company says today’s automotive wiring diagrams are incredibly complex. Consequently, automakers and dealerships lose significant revenue to the investigation of Diagnostic Trouble Codes. These issues also create costly repairs during end-of-line testing, when vehicles must be taken offline just before shipping and held in repair areas within the manufacturing plant. Current testing systems can spot an issue with a vehicle, but can’t isolate root cause and can’t help the technician find the issue in a visual, specific area of the vehicle. Vehicles are often unnecessarily dismantled. Days may be wasted and cumulative repair costs can be massive.

Tracer creates vehicle- and fault-specific diagrams on the fly. It can diagnose the probable cause of failure in a network of wiring harnesses and modules and lets technicians choose a CAD view of the wiring layout to find the precise failure location (down to a specific pin), so they can correct the issue efficiently. Tracer saves labor costs, overhead costs and helps avoid collateral damage.

The company said Tracer will streamline end-of-line testing and dealership repair. It’s helpful for all vehicles, particularly new models, where technicians lack the familiarity to assess and resolve electrical issues in a timely manner. The company also said Tracer will make anomalies a thing of the past — when a vehicle rolls down the line with a never-before-seen combination of electrical failures, resolution becomes a matter of routine.

The system scans all pin-to-pin connections and troubleshoots down to the level of pin and wire color. All relevant factors help calculate which connections have the highest probabilities of error. If no DTC registers, Tracer seeks other inputs such as a no-communication or electrical component or other system failure.

A Tracer algorithm constantly reorders the failure list so that new anomalies rise to the top in real time. Each session feeds times and results into the network behind Tracer’s calculations. Each new session is informed by every session that preceded it, and the system continually optimizes itself.

The company said Tracer requires no special hardware or connections. It pulls data from a universally-owned OBDII scan tool connection. Tracer-equipped technicians draw on a huge wealth of knowledge and expertise, regardless of their experience. In system trials, newer technicians resolve issues with an efficiency closer to veteran techs. Veterans, likewise, improve on their own standard times.

Tweddle Group, a provider of automotive information and publishing products and services, has more than 800 employees and offices in North America, China, Italy and Belgium. For more information, visit

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