Detroit Firm's Survey — More College Admissions Staff Check Social Media

DETROIT — In a recent survey conducted by The Social U, a startup business assisting young people maintain their social media profiles, 79 percent of college admissions officers reported “quality of character” as an important component in the admissions process.

And as a result, 50 percent have checked applicants’ social media.

Survey data reveals 57 percent of admissions officers discovered concerning online content when they reviewed a student’s profiles. These offenses included violent symbols or expressions, evidence of prejudice, drug or alcohol use, negative commentary about school, some degree of nudity and overuse of profanity.

“The likelihood of an admissions officer to review a student’s social profiles increases when the applicant has a troublesome disciplinary record or when the applicant is seeking a scholarship, among other factors,” said Social U Founder Julie Fisher. “While students may never know if their social media profiles are being reviewed, it is wise to take steps now to make sure their social media accounts reflect their character and academic commitment.”

The Social U helps students ensure their social media profiles and related online content are optimized for college and graduate school admissions, as well as internships and employment. Using a cutting-edge technology suite, The Social U grades each of a student’s social networks using a proprietary algorithm that scans for high-risk words, phrases and images. The Social U then provides students with a numerical calculation – the company’s trademarked “Social GPA” — and a full set of tools to help students identify any posts that should be edited or deleted.

Students can secure their Social GPA for free. To access a full report – with the ability to monitor social media content, view questionable posts and learn how to improve a Social GPA –subscriptions are available, ranging from $9.95 to $149.95.

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