Macomb-OU Incubator awarded $48,000 for clients

ROCHESTER — The Macomb-OU Incubator announced it has been awarded $48,000 in state Business Accelerator Funds to provide accelerator services to client companies ONU, Templar Integrated Security Solutions, and Zoesen.

BAF awards are an initiative of the State of Michigan’s 21st Century Jobs Fund Program and are distributed by the Michigan Small Business Development Center through the Michigan Economic Development Corp. and Michigan’s network of business accelerators.

Details on the awards are as follows:

* ONU is a startup software-as-a-service company offering 3D visualization technology with ONU One, a 3D platform for manufacturers of consumer goods. Its patent-pending technology takes physical products and optimizes them for interactivity online, deliverable to mobile apps, websites, and virtual and augmented realities. “The BAF award comes at a perfect time for us,” said ONU president Sam Sesti. “As a startup, most of our capital is dedicated to personnel and product development. As we look to grow and expand our reach, certain services are necessary, but difficult to justify within our budget. Working with Mac-OU Inc to attain this funding is a big step forward for us.”

* Templar Integrated Security Solutions provides a complete, secure system for active shooter events. Templar’s patent-pending Rapid Response, Distributed Armory and School Resource Officer Advantage systems are a unique combination of biometric authentication vaults, tools, life-saving supplies, software, and police academy-level training offerings. This system addresses shooting events by minimizing response time and providing immediate trauma and triage care. Templar’s BAF funds will assist with the company’s progress toward commercialization, including funding to raise capital and the finalization of intellectual property filings. “Mac-OU Inc has proven to be a key asset in helping us move through these formative stages,” said Templar director Pete Raciti. “Their assistance has created additional process clarity for the company and will expedite Templar’s go-to-market strategy in the upcoming months.”

* Zoesen was founded by Zijuan Liu, Oakland University associate professor of biology sciences, as a strategy to commercialize her research. Liu’s over-the-counter cream is treats joint damage, alleviates joint inflammation and booss joint function. The product promotes mineral absorption in tissues that suffer from inflammation and actively targets and blocks inflammation through anti-inflammation small molecules. The BAF funds for Zoesen will allow for creation of a logo and website, as well as a patent application. “Mac-OU Inc has provided excellent opportunities for me to translate my bench work to industry,” Liu said. “They provide all the services necessary for scientists and inventors to start a small business, paving the path for commercialization of research coming from my Oakland University lab. It is the perfect place to take off and achieve some goals. Starting a business utilizing Mac-OU Inc services not only makes it all possible but accelerates me toward future success.”

Over the last 5 years, Mac-OU Inc has garnered nearly $700,000 to assist its client companies. For more information, visit

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