Livonia City Government Doubles Bandwidth With WOW

LIVONIA — The city of Livonia has partnered with Denver-based Wide Open West, a cable TV provider that does business as WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone, to offer its WOW! Business fiber-optic connectivity.

WOW! began working with the city of Livonia in 2015 to install fiber with 100 megabits per second of dedicated internet access to Livonia’s City Hall complex, doubling the city’s overall bandwidth from 100Mbps to 200Mbps.

Company officials said the move also allowed the city to lower operating costs, increase efficiency and lower the amount of resources previously required to manage the information services the city provides residents of Livonia.

Livonia is a key expansion area for WOW! as the company edges out its local hybrid fiber coax (HFC) broadband network to support the city itself, and more residents and businesses in the future.

WOW! currently offers most residents in the Livonia region high-speed Internet, Ultra video, and voice services with plans to expand services to reach all residents in the area.

To get information on WOW! business and residential offerings in Livonia, visit

WOW! offers service to areas with mor ethan three million  residential, business and wholesale consumers, including 20 markets in Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kansas, Maryland, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida and Georgia.

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