Bosch Survey Finds EV's Mainstream, But Buyers Overestimate Range

DETROIT — The German auto supplier Bosch has released a survey of 1,000 American carbuyers who believe that electric vehicles are finally reaching the mainstream.

The survey was conducted of adults aged 18 and older who purchased or leased at one new vehicle within the past five years. According to the study, new car buyers show an increasing willingness to adopt full-electric vehicles in the near future.

Specifically, 62 percent of new car buyers believe they will own at least one full-electric vehicle in their household within 10 years or less. Of those who anticipate having a full-electric vehicle in their household at any point in their lifetime, 71 percent believe all of their household vehicles will be full-electric vehicles within 15 years

Further, 62 percent of new car buyers would be interested in purchasing a full-electric vehicle at an additional cost of $10,000 (after tax credits) over the same vehicle with a gasoline engine.

While new car buyers are open to the idea of owning a full-electric vehicle, there are considerably high expectations that the auto industry must address. The survey showed existing new car buyers’ perceptions do not match the current production of and options for full-electric vehicles as well as capabilities of today, particularly in terms of range and time to recharge.

For example, new car buyers think today’s full-electric vehicles travel approximately 300 miles on a single charge, and they want vehicles that can travel 400 miles on one charge. But the reality is, today’s full-electric vehicles travel less than 200 miles on a single charge.

The survey found new car buyers’ top purchase criteria for full-electric vehicles were reliability, distance between re-charging stops, time required to re-charge, purchase price, and cost of repairs and maintenance.

Despite the growing acceptance of full-electric vehicles among new car buyers, a significant subset of respondents, 32 percent, indicated they are not interested in purchasing or leasing a full-electric vehicle within the next 15 years, signaling a preference toward other powertrain options.

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