Dearborn's EnvisionTEC Offers New Industrial 3D Printer

DEARBORN — The Dearborn-based 3D printer manufacturer and materials supplier EnvisionTEC has rolled out a new 3D printer, called the Vector Hi-Res 3SP, at Formnext, an international exhibit of manufacturing technologies Nov. 15-18 in Frankfurt, Germany.

The Vector Hi-Res 3SP has a building area of 300 by 175 by 200 millimeters, or 11.8 by 6.9 by 7.9 inches, and offers resolution of 0.002 inches, or 60 micrometers, in the X and Y planes. That is nearly double the resolution of the original Vector 3SP, which launched a year ago.

The new 3D printer will be able to process a variety of materials, including ABS Tough, ABS Hi-Impact, E-Glass and E-Tool, which is designed for short-run injection molding of thermoplastics. The system also includes a standalone PC with a large 56-cm (22-inch) touchscreen monitor.

Additionally, EnvisionTEC’s partner, Woburn, Mass.-based Viridis3D, will be demonstrating its Robotic Additive Manufacturing technology for the first time in Europe. The RAM 123 uses a unique binder jetting head attached to a multi-axis, high-precision robot arm from ABB to print affordable and detailed sand molds and cores for the foundry industry.

With the expanding 3SP line, the RAM 123 and SLCOM, EnvisionTEC continues to offer more 3D printing solutions to traditional manufacturing and industrial customers.

“EnvisionTEC has shown steady growth over the past 15 years because of our dedication to developing solutions to real-world problems,” CEO Al Siblani said. “Our 3D printers and materials are made to matter for the professional manufacturing community.”

Founded in 2002, EnvisionTEC now sells more than 40 printers based on six distinct technologies that build objects from digital design files. The company’s 3D printers serve a variety of medical, professional and industrial markets, and are valued for precision, surface quality, functionality and speed. EnvisionTEC’s intellectual property includes more than 100 pending and granted patents and 70 proprietary materials. Learn more at

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