SolidThinking Launches Extrusion Simulation Software

TROY — The design software developer solidThinking announced the launch of the Click2Extrude suite, consisting of Click2Extrude Metal and Click2Extrude Polymer, as the next generation environment of the industry leading HyperXtrude suite.
Together with this new user friendly environment, the Click2Extrude suite is being licensed and distributed by a powerful network of distributors around the world with a focus 0n offering fast, easy, accurate and affordable software to manufacturers.

“Our new environment is designed for beginners and experts alike, to deliver an exemplary user experience by keeping all the complexities away from the users,” said Ravi Mayavaram, director of solver development for manufacturing products at solidThinking.  “Our focus is to improve both the quality of the extrusions and the profitability of our customers.”

Key updates for Click2Extrude Metal 2017 include:
* Seam weld location and strength predictions to identify internal defects
* Charge weld and skin tracking to identify scrap and backend defects
* Die failure prediction

Key updates for Click2Extrude Polymer 2017 include:
* Die swell prediction and profile shape defects
* Co-extrusion analysis and material interface
* Clam shelling and mandrel shift

Due to the demand for lightweighting in aerospace, automotive and other fields, the interest in aluminum extrusion for these applications is rapidly growing. Challenges that come with complex profile shapes and new alloys are putting tremendous pressure on extruders to innovate in order to meet the stringent strength and tolerance requirements. Click2Extrude is designed to help die designers and extruders meet these demands.

For more information about the Click2Extrude 2017 release and to sign up for the Click2Extrude webinars scheduled for Nov. 15 and 16, visit

SolidThinking is a subsidiary of the Troy-based engineering technology developer Altair. More at

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