Secure-24 Enhances Managed Security Services Offering

SOUTHFIELD — Secure-24, a global provider of managed cloud services, IT operations and applications hosting, today unveiled two new services, Compliance Elite and Executive Security Information Advisory Services, the latest enhancements to its managed security services portfolio.

Secure-24’s security management program offers a comprehensive range of services and technologies that bolster security, strengthen compliance control and provide detailed, transparent reporting.

“Security has become the boardroom discussion of 2016,” said Brian Herr, chief information officer at Secure-24. “With IP theft soaring more than 56 percent this year and the average cost of breaches exceeding $2.5 million per incident, executives recognize the impact a lack of security has on profitability, customers and a business’ overall reputation and are demanding enhanced security offerings. Secure-24’s Compliance Elite takes our Managed Security Services offering to the next level with enhanced security and compliance as well as detailed, transparent reporting – all ‘must-have’ capabilities in today’s world.”

With Secure-24 Compliance Elite, Secure-24’s managed services clients can achieve their security, compliance and privacy objectives while reducing the complexity of governance. Secure-24 Compliance Elite delivers highly customized security that meets customers’ compliance requirements, even as their business needs change. It improves compliance management by mapping security services, technologies, and controls to specific industry compliances such as PCI-DSS, ITAR/EAR, HIPAA/HITECH, HITRUST and virtually any other level of security customers require. It also offers detailed and transparent reporting both direct from an applicable underlying security technology stack as well as through Secure-24’s CloudLink customer portal.

In addition to Secure-24 Compliance Elite, Secure-24’s Executive Security Information Advisory Services is another key service offering within Secure-24’s Managed Security Services. Executive Security Information Advisory Services provides assistance with designing information security programs that will help to improve overall organizational performance.

Advisory services include:
* Cyber Defense, which is a highly specialized team of security experts certified in security penetration testing, incident detection and remediation;
* Virtual Security Architect, which includes experts who participate in and direct client’s security architecture and reviews the effectiveness of security technology initiatives; and
* Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Services, including on-demand access to top executive security leaders and comprehensive security insight and counsel.

Ideal use cases that highlight the types of issues Secure-24’s managed services and Compliance Elite are designed to address include:
* Organizations that are in high compliance and regulated industries looking for guidance on what services are offered by Secure-24 in order to fulfill their compliance and security needs;
* Organizations that are adding a new compliance standard to their existing environment and seeking a “what if” scenario of services and technology picked by experts as a starting point for their program; and
* Organizations that are starting a new program and would like guidance and a “menu” of pre-vetted services and technologies proven in the industry to meet compliance and security requirements.

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