New Asset Tracking Software From GR's Radley

GRAND RAPIDS — Radley Corp., the Grand Rapids-based supply chain management products and services provider, announced enhancements to its Asset Tracking software. In response to customer requirements, the software now offers a more sophisticated Container Tracking system for use in manufacturing.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on reusable containers, racks and packaging with little thought as to how they will be managed and maintained.  Manual processes that take place to inventory, reroute and replace containers can be a significant unplanned cost, a drain on resources and ultimately affect overall ROI.

Radley helps manufacturers increase visibility to the supply chain by identifying areas that can be automated and streamlined using sophisticated software for EDI, manufacturing and warehouse.

“Once again our customers have inspired us to tackle a challenge they’re up against,” said Radley Senior Vice President David Barks.
Radley’s platform, which encompasses software for data capture, reporting and analysis, and the latest radio-frequency identification (RFID) hardware, along with consulting services, now offers complete end-to-end container tracking.

Highly configurable and easy to use, Radley’s container tracking software can be integrated to existing enterprise systems or as a stand-alone system. Using RFID, data is collected as containers move through the manufacturing, warehouse and distribution processes. Radley filters, aggregates and validates the data to provide real-time reports, dashboards, alerts and notifications based on a company’s specific business rules and requirements that can be viewed from a PC, device or tablet.

The Radley container tracking systeml can improve visibility and control of reusable containers, racks and packaging as they’re moved throughout the supply chain. With reliable data, better business decisions can be made; shrinkage levels drop, error and risk is minimized, labor is reallocated and product movement workflows are improved.

Radley will introduce the new container tracking system at the Pack Expo event in Chicago Nov. 6-9. More at

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