TechSmith rolls out SnagIt 13

OKEMOS — The Okemos software developer TechSmith Corp. has introduced version 13 of its screen capture and presentation development software, SnagIt.

Snagit 13’s new features include:
* A new design for the capture tool, including an innovative panoramic scrolling capture that lets users capture images tall or wide
* An updated editor that increases user efficiency in the tool, as well as a new crop and text tool
* A new animated GIF functionality, allowing users to create a GIF from a video recording
* Improved image stability, which improves performance when dealing with images with 10 or more items on the canvas
* New callout shapes, magnifying tool and updated stamps, providing more personalization to anything a user snags
* A new webcam feature, with the ability to toggle between webcam and screen video when recording
* Redesigned video capabilities, allowing users to capture and create videos without being a video pro

Also announced was the release of Snagit 4 for Mac, providing optimized features that bring it closer to parity with the traditional Windows version, including capture presents and a library with basic metadata and tagging.

“The latest release of Snagit allows for what we’re calling ‘Personalized Productivity’ for every profession,” said Daniel Foster, Snagit strategy lead at TechSmith. “People produce and consume information much differently today. They expect communication to be rapid, personalized, and visually appealing. Snagit 13 and 4 allow users to easily grab, create and share the information that matters most in a fun, familiar manner —reducing time-wasting emails and meetings so professionals can focus on moving the business forward.”

The company says SnagIt will result in more focused and efficient presentations, leading to a decrease in email exchanges and long meetings, and improving employee and product user training.

Available today, the latest version of Snagit is $49.95 and can be downloaded by visiting Existing Snagit customers can upgrade to the latest version for $24.95 and by visiting

Additionally, TechSmith’s partner program offers customers in commercial, government and education sectors the ability to connect with a certified TechSmith partner for Snagit implementation. To speak with a partner program expert, visit

For a video on the new Snagit, visit

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