Southfield Firm Offers Accounting Software Free To Startups

SOUTHFIELD — Southfield-based Gravity Software has announced that startup organizations can now use Gravity 2016 for free if they have a Microsoft CRM software package already in place.

Gravity’s CRM accounting software is built in the cloud on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. Startups can benefit by having their financial functionss and CRM fully integrated on one platform.

Said Gravity President and CEO John Silvani: “Startups are challenged daily to do more with less. They need a technology solution to help reduce time spent on administration without all the startup costs associated with other accounting applications … Gravity’s Startup offering in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online allows Startups to be more effective and efficient in the work they do.”

The company said the software allows businesses in one screen  through Gravity’s back-office financial system to front-office sales, service and marketing. The system also offers full access and analysis from anywhere, no installation or maintenance costs, easy scalability and regular updates.

Gravity’s special pricing for Startups is offered in two different bundles: at $0 and $150, respectively. The $0 package is available for those startups with a Microsoft CRM platform already in place. The $150 package includes a Microsoft CRM platform hosted by Gravity. Those interested in more information and starting a free trial should visit for more information and qualifications.

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