Kraig Creates Four New Lines Of 'Spider Silk' Silkworms

ANN ARBOR – Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc. (OTC: KBLB) has announced the creation of four new lines of transgenic silkworms.

The company uses gene splicing technology to create silkworms whose silk has many of the strength properties of spiderwebs.

The company said the new transgenics are based on a new set of its  most complex protein designs to date.

These new designs are targeted for applications in performance apparel, medical, and ballistic protection, where their intended strength improvements should provide even higher levels of durability.

Company officials said they believe that these new transgenics have the potential to produce silk fibers with an unprecedented combination of physical properties with the potential to rival its existing Dragon Silk line.

The new silks will be tested in the coming months.

“These are the most complex genetic constructions that we have ever created in the company’s history,” said COO Jon Rice.  “In some
cases, these designs took more than 12 months to perfect and we are just now able to confirm that this work has resulted in successful transgenics. This work represents a significant breakthrough in our efforts to bring transformative technical fibers to market and is a clear demonstration of our capability for continuous innovation.”

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