Flint Charity Supports Java Developer Training

FLINT — The Hagerman Foundation has donated $120,000 to an effort in Flint and Detroit to teach young people to become Java software developers.

The effort, called Develop(her) Bootcamp, is run by the Detroit-based software training company Grand Circus.

The donation was made as a stipend for scholarships, ensuring students will be able to dedicate their full attention to the program.

“Flint and Detroit are experiencing rapid growth in the tech sector and encouraging women to be a part of that growth is vital in creating a flourishing, diverse tech industry,” said Jocelyn Hagerman, co-founder of the Hagerman Foundation. “This bootcamp is just the first step in a progressive effort for greater inclusion and advancement.”

The Develop(her) Bootcamps will offer training to 20 women full-time for 10 weeks. Following the course, students will receive mentorship from the Michigan Council of Women in Technology, an organization dedicated to engaging current and future technology leaders.

“Women make up a little more than half of the U.S. workforce, but hold only a quarter of the IT jobs,” said Grand Circus co-founder and CEO Damien Rocchi. “At Grand Circus, we are focused on closing that gap by making it easier for women to gain real-world experience through intensive career-changing bootcamps. It is fitting that we are kicking off this bootcamp in Detroit and Flint – two cities that share a similar history – and we are confident that we have put together the right partnership to begin changing the narrative in both tech communities.”

Applications for the Develop(her) Bootcamp will be accepted starting May 16. Women who are Michigan residents and are looking to launch a career in technology are encouraged to apply. The bootcamp will start July 18, and training and networking events will take place in both Flint and Detroit. For more information on the Develop(her) Bootcamp, visit www.grandcircus.co/women.

The Hagerman Foundation was founded in 2014 by Phil Hagerman, founder of Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy, and his wife, Jocelyn. It supports organizations that promote education, life skills, entrepreneurship, ministry, counseling, and the arts.

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