iDashboards Forms OEM Partnership With Dataccuity

TROY — Digital dashboards from the Troy software firm iDashboards will help clients of an Oregon-based software company visualize data under a new partnership.

IDashboards announced the partnership with Dataccuity, an Oregon-based software company that helps organizations centralize, integrate and analyze their data.

“At iDashboards, we’re constantly looking for opportunities to expand our reach and expose new audiences to the power of dashboards,” said Shadan Malik, iDashboards CEO. “Dataccuity’s commitment to providing decision-makers with the latest reporting technologies is in sync with our own goals, creating a perfect opportunity for us to work together and help business leaders make the most of their data.”

Through the OEM partnership, Dataccuity integrated iDashboards into its software after a review of several dashboard providers. IDashboards said the decision was made due to its ease of use and visually appealing nature, as well as its ability to seamlessly assimilate with Dataccuity’s back-end SQL data structure.

“A survey of our customers showed that 85 percent of them would buy a dashboard solution if we offered it, illustrating the desire that business leaders have for a sophisticated data visualization tool,” said Lori Forbess, CEO of Dataccuity. “Partnering with iDashboards meets our customers’ needs by offering them a comprehensive product that will help them visualize their data in a way that leads to improved decision-making capabilities.”

IDashboards has customers in more than 40 countries worldwide. More at or

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