EarthTronics Introduces High Lumen, Energy-Efficient, HID Replacement LEDs

MUSKEGON — The Muskegon LED lamp manufacturer EarthTronics has introduced high lumen, high efficiency LEDs as an energy-efficient replacement for High Intensity Discharge lamps (HID) for interior and exterior applications in parking garages, site and security lighting, high bay warehouse fixtures and post lights.

The company says the commercial quality lamps feature a 50,000-hour rated life, a 5-year warranty and energy savings that exceed 80 percent.

The EarthTronics high lumen, HID replacement LEDs are available in 36-, 54- and 120-watt sizes providing 4500, 6400 and 14,200 lumens respectively. All feature full radial illumination to simulate the HID lamps they are replacing and to fully use existing fixture optics. These lamps easily traditional lamps of between 100 and 400 watts. The lamps also include an efficient electronic driver that operates on either 120 or 277 volt systems. The LEDS are also available with various bases to fit various fixture types.

With an IP64 rating for damp locations, the high lumen LEDs have a wide operating temperature range of minus 20 to plus 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and can be used in fully enclosed fixtures.  Specific models of the EarthTronics High Lumen LED are DLC listed and available through EarthTronics electrical and lighting distribution partners. For more information about the high lumen, HID replacement LED, visit

EarthTronics energy efficient lighting systems include CFL lamps from 5 to 65 watts that replace 25 to 300 watt incandescent lamps, and LEDs for decorative and display lighting, downlights, and general area lighting. More information can be found at

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