New Design Software From SolidThinking

TROY — The design software developer solidThinking has rolled out the 2016 release of its software, featuring new capabilities in NURBS — non-uniform rational basis spline mathematics, commonly used in computer graphics for generating and replicating curves and surfaces.

“Our new PolyNURBS toolset is a game changer, allowing users to create geometry from optimized results much faster than traditional CAD modelling,” said solidThinking program manager Andy Bartels. “The result is an incredibly robust tool that has not only expanded the use cases for Inspire, but also accelerates the path to cost-effective manufacturing.”

Key updates for Inspire 2016 include:
PolyNURBS – Create manufacturable designs from topology optimization results with NURBS geometry using a simple workflow.
Results Comparisons – Easily compare results across multiple runs and loading scenarios in one table.
New Load Types – Consider temperature loads, velocity, acceleration, G-loads, and enforced displacement to simulate precise loading conditions.

“Inspire embodies our vision to make simulation available across multiple user communities to facilitate innovation,” said James R. Scapa, chairman and CEO of solidThinking parent Altair Engineering.

Inspire 2016 is available through more than 120 channel partners worldwide, and through Altair’s patented HyperWorks licensing model. Inspire is also available as part of the solidThinking Suite, which includes Evolve 2016, released earlier this year.

Visit to see Inspire 2016 in action.

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